About Mid-America

Our Story

What is Mid-America all about? What's unique about our approach to training students for the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ? We've spent a lot of time thinking about these questions and we believe that the statements below provide insight into the unique culture and approach of Mid-America. They are, in a sense, pillars that form the foundation of everything we do. Every student, every faculty member, and every staff person is a part of the continuing effort to tell our story based on these foundational themes.

Root yourself in timeless truth to better understand today's world.
The culture we find ourselves in is obsessed with new—the latest is generally considered to be the greatest. Our understanding of the world flows from the firm belief that God's Word, the Bible, contains timeless truth that sheds life-giving light on the here and now. When the Word of God is preached effectively from the pulpit and applied consistently day-to-day, our gracious God uses the planted Word to evangelize and disciple the nations.

Cultivate a fresh understanding of what the church believes.
Mid-America stresses a strong continuity with the history of the Christian church. We take a fresh, enthusiastic, and positive look at the creeds and Reformed confessions, allowing them to form both our preaching and our hearts.

Develop your heart for ministry by gaining practical experience.
Effective ministers of the gospel care for people deeply and have the ability to walk alongside them, providing love and guidance. The Ministerial Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is an important part of preparing for pastoral work. Each student partners with local pastors and churches to gain experience in various facets of ministry. In addition, extended summer internships provide vital opportunities for learning outside the classroom, fulfilling the practical requirements of the degree. The MAP is an integral part of the training during all three years, and involves both mentoring and supervision.

Partner with the church for the greatest long-term harvest.
Every student at Mid-America partners with the Seminary and the church. Mid-America exists to serve the church of Jesus Christ by providing pastors who effectively spread the Word and cultivate people's hearts in order to experience God's harvest. We believe this only takes place when the church has an ongoing connection with each student throughout their studies. The things you learn and the skills you develop will be applied in the context of the church, and for that reason, the church plays a crucial role throughout your time at Mid-America.

Sow seeds of friendship that will flourish through a lifetime of ministry together.
Mid-America is a warm community. We study and grow together—and in the process—discover that our lives become interwoven through shared memories, common passions, and a deep commitment to the gospel and to each other. You aren't born into this family, but you belong from the moment you walk through the door. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but you can feel the difference. We believe that God will use us to gather his harvest through preaching the gospel and caring for people.

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