Mid-America Reformed Seminary Admissions

Financial Aid

Mid-America recognizes the financial pressures of full-time seminary study and does all it can to make such study as affordable as possible. Tuition covers only a small portion of Mid-America’s cost of operation. The largest portion is covered by the sacrificial giving of many of God’s people. Thus, all students receive a significant amount of financial aid in the form of tuition that is deliberately less than the actual cost of their education. Therefore, we expect students to do some of their own work in raising funds from churches, family, and other outside sources. We also expect students to utilize their own savings and investments. When possible, student spouses should seek employment.

Mid-America offers three types of financial assistance:

Workstudy – on campus employment, which includes grounds and maintenance, library assistance, audio recording, security, and more. Preference is given to Canadian and international students. Applications for workstudy can be filled out at registration.
Scholarships – awards are based on high academic standing and other criteria as specified. These awards are made in the summer. Scholarships are available for full-time M.Div students who meet the stated criteria. The scholarship applications is included in the Application for Financial Aid. Applications are due by August 1 and awards are announced at the first chapel of the academic year. Click here for a list of scholarships available through Mid-America.
Grants – awards are based on financial need. These awards can be applied to tuition or in some cases given directly to the student to help with living expenses.

Instructions for Financial Aid

1. Fill out the Financial Worksheet using your projected financial situation for next year. Use the completed form and the attached letter to speak with your diaconate about your finances. Your deacons should help you budget if you need help. The Seminary can help estimate cost of living for those who are coming from out of the area. Please do this promptly so your church can include this in its budgeting process.

2. Fill out the Financial Aid Application.

a. Forms will not be processed until you have been admitted.
b. The application deadline is May 1. Any applications received after that date will be considered at a reduced rate based on the availability of funds.
c. Aid is awarded for one academic year at a time. The financial aid committee reserves the right to reevaluate aid should your financial situation, degree program, or intended course load substantially change.
d. Priority for aid is given to full-time M.Div. students.

3. Turn in the Financial Aid Application and a signed copy of the Financial Worksheet.

Note that the scholarship application is part of the financial aid application. If you would like to be considered for scholarships, but are not requesting a grant, please note that on the form. To be eligible for a scholarship based on financial need, you must fill out all the financial information and outside assistance information.

Financial aid awarded by Mid-America is confidential between the student and the Student Aid Committee. Aid may be discussed with your council or session, but should not be discussed with other students. Any such discussion with students could result in the forfeiture of financial aid.

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