Mid-America Reformed Seminary Admissions

Finance Tips

1. Talk to your church early.  The earlier you talk to your church, the better the chance that it can budget for you.

2. Live like a student.  You may have to get by with only one car or without Starbucks coffee for a few years, but it will be worth it in the long run.  A few years of frugal living is better than years of paying off debt. 

3. Start using a budget.  Using a budget will get you get in the practice of tracking your expenses and watching your money.  Look for areas where you can start cutting back, focusing on your needs vs. your wants.  For budget help, go to one of the following: 

Another good tool for money management is Dave Ramsey’s The Financial Peace Planner.

Fiscal responsibility will benefit you not only in seminary, but also in the ministry.