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Student Profiles

Aaron Van Der Heiden | Master of Divinity

Hometown:  Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
Education: Bachelors in Religion and Theology from Redeemer University College
Degree sought: Master of Divinity 
Family: Wife, Karissa; sons, Andrew and Grayson 
Church affiliation: United Reformed Churches of North America

Aaron was born in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada in 1991 and lived there for 22 years. After graduating from Redeemer in 2013, he moved to Ponoka, Alberta, where he married his wife, Karissa, in 2015. He worked on a dairy farm there for nearly five years and, in their time there, were blessed with two boys: Andrew and Grayson. He attended Redeemer University College and was a double major in Religion & Theology and Psychology.

Aaron first felt the call to ministry when he was around 16 years old. In God’s providence, a former pastor of his strongly suggested that he consider going to seminary at some point in the future. At the time, he didn’t really think too much about it, but it was something that stuck in the back of his mind as the years went on. After meeting Karissa, they discussed their future and where they believed and felt the Lord was leading them. The pull to seminary became stronger and stronger, but Aaron was always torn between teaching at the university level and preaching in the United Reformed Churches of North America. Through God’s leading (and some very helpful advice and insight from Karissa), they decided that seminary and preaching in the URCNA was the path to take. The journey to seminary was long and perplexing at times, but the Lord brought Aaron and his family to Mid-America in His perfect timing. They are incredibly thankful for how well the transition as gone. Aaron says that “the faculty, staff, and students at Mid-America are excellent, and the integrated Reformed perspective is incredibly rich and valuable. I love the opportunity I have been given to study here.”

 In addition to his education here at Mid-America, Aaron adds that “throughout my childhood catechism classes, Christian high school education, and Christian university education, I have the learned the value of the biblically based Reformed faith. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity at Mid-America to learn how to preach, exhort, and teach that tradition to fellow Christians. The prospect of preaching and pastoring a church down the road is incredibly exciting and humbling for my wife and myself and I am really looking to seeing where God leads us in the future.”