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Student Profiles

Glem Melo Master of Theology

Hometown: Alicia, Isabela, Philippines 
Education: B.S. Computer Engineering, Polytechnic Univ. of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines 
Degree sought: Master of Theology 
Family: Wife Aymi, 3 children
Church affiliation: Presbyterian Church of America

Glem was converted from drug addiction and worked as a Computer Engineer in Manila and the United States. He moved back to the Philippines in 1998, founded Open Eyes Mission, and married Aymi, a college-mate and 700 Club employee.  

For 17 years, with ministry co-laborers, he planted and pastored a church in Mindanao, taught more than 500 pastors, trained more than 100 missionaries, formed two church planting teams in Muslim areas, and facilitated the deployment of more than thirty missionaries all over Asia. Today, he provides teaching, leadership, and care to three new church plants and trains three reforming churches, including one in the Middle East.

Glem is under the care of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Potomac Presbytery and served as a pastoral intern at First Church PCA in Lansing, Illinois. What drew him to Mid-America is the classical Reformed Theological education that he would receive, and since taking part in the classroom experience, it is definitely the one asset that he enjoys the most. He hopes that, after his studies, he will be sent out by his presbytery to form and lead a long-term mission team that will (1) plant a Christ-proclaiming, disciple-making, reproducing church in Manila, and (2) establish a confessional Presbyterian denomination, and (3) train and send missionaries to plant more churches all over the Philippines and among Muslims in Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

God blessed Glem and Aymi with three children: Yanan, Giona, and Rosh. They are all being homeschooled and trained to live for Christ and His gospel.