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Nathaniel Rademaker  Master of Divinity

Hometown: Palmerston North, New Zealand
Education: Bachelor of Nursing, NZ
Degree sought: Master of Divinity
Family: Wife Sharon, 6 children
Church affiliation: Reformed Churches of New Zealand

Nathaniel was born in Geelong, Australia, while his dad was completing his Bachelor of Theology at the Reformed Theological College in Melbourne. Having grown up as a son of a minister he had a good idea of what the ministry might be like. Having felt called to the ministry from the age of 17 and thinking that God would send better men, he worked with his session to be assessed for ministry from the age of 21 when he could ignore the call to the ministry no longer. This was a 10 year process during which time he completed his Bachelor of Nursing and worked in several Emergency Departments. During that time the Lord blessed him and his wife with five children, 4 daughters and a son, with child number six being born in the United States. 

He also served as a deacon in his home church and this only served to confirm his call to the ministry. After being assessed by his local session and a committee from his presbytery, he was keen to follow the advice of his elders as to which seminary to go to. Having had fantastic feedback and seeing the fruits of Mid America Reformed Seminary through New Zealand MARS graduates that had gone on before, it was an easy decision to "up sticks and head" overseas to Mid America. Nathaniel says that "the thoroughly Reformed approach is an appeal as there is a real lack of truly Reformed Seminaries. The Professors at Mid America are thoroughly Reformed and their knowledge of Scripture and the Confessions really shines through in all the classes." Nathaniel was really excited about studying at Mid America when he heard about the emphasis on Reformed preaching, and the practical side of the studies are what appeal to him.

He says, "The Seminary community has been fantastically supportive in helping us set up home and acclimatize to our American life. The community is like a family. The senior/middler students are very helpful and junior class members are a great group of men with a common goal and willing to discuss all sorts of theological questions. What a blessing it is to be a part of this community where all can grow in faith and knowledge of God and His Holy Word."

Nathaniel hopes to return to New Zealand to serve in the Reformed Churches there once he has completed his studies at MARS.