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Student Profiles

Paul Freswick Master of Divinity

Hometown:  Byron Center, MI 
Education: Biology degree from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI 
Degree sought: Master of Divinity 
Family: Wife, Victoria 
Church affiliation: United Reformed Churches of North America

The call to ministry was a slow process for Paul. Growing up as the Pastor's son he was encouraged from a young age to pursue ministry. When he was very young some of this encouragement may have just been because he was the PK (pastor’s kid) and talkative but as he grew older he realized people were still encouraging him in this direction, and he began to contemplate the ministry more seriously. The encouragement of his home congregation, Bethany URC, as well as friends and family, was invaluable.

Halfway through his undergrad (Pre-med) after years of praying and considering the ministry, Paul finally had to make a choice; start enrolling in Greek and Philosophy classes or focus solely on Biology and Chemistry. By this time, it was no longer a difficult decision; it was clear what God wanted him to do. He still enjoyed taking science classes, however, and having such an undergrad may strengthen his service someday as the attack of the worldview of evolutionary science upon the Christian worldview is so prevalent today.

Once he knew he was called to the ministry it was not difficult to see Mid-America was the place to go. He has been greatly blessed, and not only because he was engaged and then married before the start of his second year. He says, “The emphasis upon preaching and the reformed confessions all founded upon the foundation of scripture permeates all of our classes. I enjoy so much being at a seminary that focuses on training well-rounded ministers. The work of the minister is primarily the preaching of the Word, but I appreciate how Mid-America trains us for all the aspects of ministry: academic, pastoral, and doctrinal.”

“I enjoy being with my fellow students as well; there is a good atmosphere of accountability and encouragement here. Having fellow students from all over the world and from multiple church affiliations but all looking to the authority of God's Word is a great experience in and of itself.”

Paul hopes to serve the Lord at a local church, and has also thought about church planting and would like to be involved, either as a planter or as part of a church engaged in planting, if God opens doors for such service.

“Wherever He leads Vicki and I, we pray His name will be glorified.”