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Student Profiles

Peter Yoo  Master of Divinity

Hometown: Wilmette, Illinois
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with Biblical Languages Interdisciplinary from Moody Bible Institute (MBI)
Degree sought: Master of Divinity
Church affiliation: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Peter was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1993. His parents were two Korean immigrants who came to the United States for new opportunities for themselves and their family. His father currently serves faithfully as a pastor in North Chicago. Because Peter’s parents primarily spoke Korean and he was becoming more fluent in English, he could never fully understand the gospel message due to language barriers. It wasn’t until seventh or eighth grade when the gospel message sunk into his soul. It was then that "my soul became glad knowing that the death and resurrection of my Lord and Savior was to redeem me for Himself."

As he grew older, many church elders and members saw Peter’s growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and encouraged him to consider full-time ministry. Internally, he couldn’t think of a higher calling to submit to but was ashamed to tell others, so he often told them he would think about it. Peter was, nonetheless, "set and overjoyed at the opportunity to serve as a minister of the gospel."

Peter believed many false things going into high school and college but is always thankful for God’s Word anchoring him in the truth and bringing him back to sound doctrine. The parachurch campus ministry, Sojourners, at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), aided his journey greatly by introducing and fostering reformed theology in his life. One of the staff members at Sojourners brought up the idea of studying at Mid-America Reformed Seminary, and after further research, Peter was encouraged to see such venerable and distinguished scholars teaching reformed theology while remaining pastoral as they trained men to be faithful ministers of the gospel.

Peter hopes to deepen and enrich his love for God’s Word and His people during his time at Mid-America, "as well as get acquainted with the faculty and learn from their wisdom regarding reformed theology and pastoral ministry." He seeks to graduate Mid-America with a Masters of Divinity, pursuing pastoral ministry, and, if the Lord calls him to further education (i.e., Th.M., Ph.D.), hopes to be "diligent in his studies, continuing to walk in light of the great salvation given to me in the Lord Jesus Christ."