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Student Profiles

Praveen Phinehas Master of Divinity

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India
Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication; Master of Engineering in Communications Systems 
Degree sought: Master of Divinity 
Church affiliation: United Reformed Churches of North America

Praveen Phineas was born in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and raised in a Christian home. However, it was not until he was in the 11th grade at a retreat conducted by his school that he felt convicted of his sins and the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. He says, “I ran to Jesus Christ and immediately submitted myself to the Lordship of Christ. The Holy Spirit raised me from the dead.” The Holy Spirit gave him a deep conviction not only of sin, but ultimately that of the beauty of Christ.

The life of a Christian is not without its struggles, however, and Praveen found himself backsliding in the third year of his Bachelor of Engineering, being falsely lead into the prosperity gospel through a television network. But God in His sovereign grace was, in Praveen’s words, “merciful enough to call me back to His glorious Kingdom.”

Over the next four years, the Lord helped Praveen research different theological topics. His interests lay in the controversies surrounding different Bible translations, exposing the dangers of the prosperity gospel, Young Earth Creationism, the rise of Islam, and more. Furthermore, “God helped me to go to the biblical doctrine of Calvinism, which is deeper than TULIP, and understand the beauty of the gospel,” Praveen comments. In so doing, by God’s providence at the age of 25, Praveen embraced the Reformed faith.

Ever since he began learning the teachings of the Reformation, Praveen had a burning passion of sharing the gospel, especially on a one-on-one basis in his workplace. He desires to be “a faithful student of Scripture, rightly handling the sword of the Spirit.” It is his firm conviction that “the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for all the problems that exist in this fallen world, and it is primarily through the preaching of God’s Word that the Triune God of the Scriptures brings dead sinners alive.”

In his time here at Mid-America, Praveen is thankful for the brilliance of the professors, and the strong passion for the reformed faith amongst the student body. Academically, spiritually, and communally, Praveen feels nurtured here. His plans after seminary? “Lord willing, once I graduate from MARS, I would like to get ordained here in the U.S. as a reformed minister in the URC and go back to India as a reformed missionary.”