Mid-America Reformed Seminary Admissions

What's Next

You’ve been admitted – what’s next?

Financial Aid

If you are interested in receiving financial aid and haven’t filled out the application yet, do so (financial aid form). You should be talking with your church and family and friends to see if they are willing to support you as well. You should also be looking for outside scholarships and starting to budget for the coming year.

New Student Information Pack

We will send this document to you as it will provide a detailed calendar for the year and give you information about the area.


You should contact the office so you can find a place to live. The office keeps a list of local rentals, most of which are owned by friends of the Seminary who enjoy renting to students.


If you need to take summer Greek you need to be on campus by early July, so make the necessary arrangements. If you need to take Hebrew, be aware that orientation for the class is held a few days before the semester begins.

Registration and Orientation

Registration and orientation are held a couple days before the semester begins. You must be on campus for registration; there is no online registration. Be prepared to pay your tuition at registration.


Be prepared to provide proof of health insurance at registration. For information on purchasing insurance, refer to the New Student Information Pack.


Booklists will be emailed to you a couple weeks before the semester begins. The campus bookstore will stock all required textbooks and any recommended books that are still in print. The bookstore generally runs a sale at the beginning of the semester.

Work study

You can sign up at registration to participate in the work study program