Brian Allred

Brian & Stacey Alred ALUMNUS: Brian Allred (2007)
MINISTRY: New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA)
LOCATION: Yorktown, IN
FAMILY: Wife – Stacey; children – Aaron, 12; Miriam (Mimi), 2
Brian Allred taught for nine years in the Department of Physiology and Health Science at Ball State University prior to attending Mid-America Reformed Seminary. Following his graduation in 2007, he taught Greek at the Seminary for two years. He has found his teaching experience was good preparation for the educational aspects of his current preaching ministry.

Rev. Allred, you’re an assistant pastor at New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Yorktown, IN. What is your official title and how would you describe your job responsibilities at New Life?

I am the Pastor of Church Education and Discipleship. My primary responsibilities are teaching, discipline, and counseling. I oversee the educational ministries of the church while working alongside our youth director and our coordinator of children’s ministries. I mainly teach adults.

I am also involved in facilitating classes for men in our presbytery going through an online masters program. I have had the opportunity to teach on site courses in Greek, Hebrew, Church History and Christology. I have made these courses available for people in the community and at New Life for auditing.

New Life is located near Ball State University, which you attended and where you taught. In what ways is New Life Presbyterian reaching out to local college students?
We don’t have a specific “outreach” to campus, but over 100 students attend New Life on a weekly basis. College students are an important component of the church and we are intentional about ministering to them and involving them in the life and various ministries of the church. We have had to go to three Sunday morning services to accommodate the growth. That is not so much a matter of our “reaching out” as it is the Lord has simply blessed us with their presence and energy.

I have taught Bible studies in my home to students who are around during the summer and I am involved in discipling several students on a weekly basis during the academic year. In addition, there are several engagements each year among our young couples and I have had the privilege of providing pre-marital counseling for 12 couples and conducting 11 weddings in my first two and a half years at New Life.

Several staff members of Campus Crusade for Christ also attend our church and we have supported their efforts to reach out to international students by hosting events. We are in a privileged situation in that the nations are coming to us and we have an opportunity to share the gospel with them.

What led you to leave your teaching career and go into the ministry?

I transitioned from teaching at Ball State to doing full-time college ministry at a PCA church in Muncie, IN, in 2000 and that started me on the path of vocational ministry. The way I look at it, I didn’t give up my teaching career, I just changed what I teach. My ministry has a strong focus on teaching and discipling.

How has your teaching career helped prepare you for the pastorate and in what ways do you continue to utilize your teaching skills while in the ministry?

Because a lot of my ministries involve teaching and discipling, I think the link is obvious. I think teaching beforehand helped develop some stamina for public speaking. I know pastors who get wiped out from teaching from an hour or so. By teaching as a career for long periods of time during the day, I can teach for successive hours and not be tired (though my students might get bored). I typically teach from 10:00 am to approximately 12:40 pm every Sunday morning (we offer Sunday school during both our second servive and third service worship time to provide people with options, and I teach at both times).

What aspects of your Mid-America education did you appreciate the most?

I appreciated learning the languages (Greek and Hebrew), being introduced to resources that reinforced convictions and broadened by perspective and understanding, and being able to develop relationships with the faculty.

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