Jeffrey Scott

Roberto & Carrie Rossi STUDENT: Jeffrey Scott
LEVEL: Middler
Affiliation: Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)
FAMILY: Wife – Dawn; children – Silas (10), Liliana (8), Maran (7), Eden (3), baby expected in March

Jeff Scott has a passion for church planting that transcends denominational boundaries. Although his family belongs to New Covenant Community Church in New Lennox, IL, a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), he was involved for two years with a church planting effort of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Jeff is also a family man who took a less traditional route to seminary.

Jeff, you have a busy family; how do you balance school and family commitments?

We often ask ourselves the same question! Dawn and I are constantly amazed by the perseverance, endurance, and joy that the Lord supplies us with as we journey through seminary life together as a family. Dawn, by God’s grace, steadies our family with her consistent hard work at home allowing me the time I need to study. We protect our time together as a family as much as possible but when it gets hard we remind one another that God is at work strengthening and preparing us for service to Him, which is a privilege.

You grew up in Idaho before coming to the Chicago area to attend Moody Bible Institute. What happened then?

I met Dawn at Moody and after my first year there we got married. I entered into an electrical apprenticeship right after our honeymoon with the intention of slowly making my way through school. I still desired to give my life in service to Christ’s church, but I opted to take a slower and admittedly more difficult path rather than putting off growing our family after years of schooling.

My apprenticeship was five years long. Upon completion of the program, Dawn and I went to work as house parents at a private boarding school for disadvantaged children in the south suburbs of Chicago. The schedule allowed me to return to Moody and finish my undergraduate degree as well as work as an electrician during the summers to help pay for school. We worked at the boarding school up until the beginning of my Middler year here at Mid-America.

Why did you choose Mid-America Seminary?

In a word: Reputation. I heard that Mid-America was among the best Reformed seminaries in America. I heard that the faculty members were topnotch and committed to serving the church of Jesus Christ by carefully preparing men for the gospel ministry. I heard that coming to Mid-America would prepare me for the rigors of ministry, both in the study and the pulpit. And, I also heard that Mid-America treats their students just as much like family as they do pupils.

What do you like about the Seminary?

Mid-America provides the perfect blend of scholarly instruction, spiritual development, and practical field experience. Each member of the faculty is committed to developing both the mind and heart of the student. They excel at bringing the best of Reformed scholarship into every lecture with strong pastoral and confessional accents. The field experience that is required and provided at Mid-America is second to none of any seminary in America. The community life of Mid-America, including students and professors, is vibrant. And, the board members and staff are committed to the healthy growth and development of each student, always seeking to provide them with every aid for success.

What can you share about your desire to plant churches?

I have a desire to see confessionally Reformed churches take root in places where the light of the gospel is dim. My denomination’s church planting efforts focus on taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are misled, underfed, and spiritually dead. This too is my passion. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will lead me and my family into a community where He would be pleased to use us to gather in His sheep and nurture them to live in union with Him.   

What are your future plans or hopes?

It is my desire to return to the Pacific Northwest where there is little Reformed presence and where I am particularly familiar with the culture of unbelief. But, of course, the Lord of the Church will guide us where He wishes and we will be content with that.

When I think of the future I often pray that, like the Apostle Paul, “though I am the very least of all the saints,” God’s gift of grace might be given to me to preach to “the unsearchable riches of Christ.”

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