Mid-America Faculty

Students and alumni of Mid-America Reformed Seminary consistently rate their relationships with the professors as one of the Seminary's greatest benefits.

Each faculty member has the scholarship expertise and the pastoral experience that provide a comprehensive and integrated theological education. Additionally, the professors at Mid-America take a personal interest in each student and maintain a mentoring perspective. The professors strive for the formation of each student as a man of God equipped to serve the Lord in the ministry of Christ's church.


Part of that mentoring process includes personal counseling, which can take place with individuals or in small group settings. Each student has a faculty advisor who functions as a student's counselor. The Registrar and Dean of Students also take an appropriate and active interest in student concerns related to their purview.

Faculty members are always willing to assist students with concerns that may require wisdom and counsel. Faculty advisors provide counsel to specific students in the three main areas of academic work, spiritual life and personal situation, and fieldwork. Every Thursday morning faculty advisors meet meet with the students who have been assigned to their care for a time of mentoring and prayer.

Mid-America employs 5 full-time faculty members. They are: Dr. J. Mark Beach, Rev. Marcus Mininger, Rev. Alan Strange, Rev. Mark Vander Hart, and Dr. Cornelis Venema. Adjunct faculty for the 2013 fall semester includes:Rev. Albert Bezuyen, Dr. Peter Wallace, Paul Cable, Rev. Valentin Alpuche, and Rev. Jacques Roets.