Dr. J. Mark Beach

Dr. Beach   Professor of Ministerial and Doctrinal Studies
  Dean of Students
  A.B. Dordt College 1981
  M.Div. Calvin Theological Seminary 1984
  Th.M. Calvin Theological Seminary 1994
  Ph.D. Calvin Theological Seminary 2005

With many years in the pastorate, Dr. Beach brings an abundance of practical experience to the classroom. He had two pastorates in Iowa before coming to the Seminary. Dr. Beach earned his Ph.D. in Reformation and Post-Reformation Reformed Theology. He applies these studies to the two academic disciplines in which he principally labors, namely ministerial and doctrinal studies. He believes that Reformed and Presbyterian churches greatly benefit from exploring and rediscovering the rich heritage of the Reformed tradition. He also believes the church’s proclamation of the gospel must be contemporary, as pastors study the Scriptures and address the challenges and needs of our times in a direct manner. Dr. Beach regularly preaches in area churches, has written study materials for youths and adults, translated a book on baptism, as well as being the author of numerous scholarly articles. He has published a major work on Francis Turretin’s theology of the covenant and recently published a book on Calvin’s Institutes. Dr. Beach is the managing editor of and frequent contributor to the Mid-America Journal of Theology.

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  • Ministerial and Doctrinal Studies Courses:
    • DS 133: Theology and Anthropology
    • PS 112: Church Education
    • PS 114: Preaching and Public Worship
    • PS 133: Pastoral Care and Counseling
    • PS 213: Evangelism and Missions
    • PS 232: Pastoral Counseling
    • PP 131: Applied Sermon
    • PP 231: New Testament Sermon
  • Electives:
    • The Worldview Calvinism of Abraham Kuyper
    • Post-Reformation Federal Theology
    • Francis Turretin's Polemical and Pastoral Theology
    • Karl Barth and Neo-Orthodoxy