Rev. Mark Vander Hart

Vander Hart   Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies
  Ministerial Apprenticeship Program Director
  A.B. Dordt College 1975
  M.Div. Calvin Theological Seminary 1980
  Th.M. Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education 2001

Professor Vander Hart pastored the Christian Reformed Church of La Glace-Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, from 1980 to 1983. He continues to take an active interest in the life of the local church as well as the international church. He frequently preaches in local congregations and leads Bible studies for several church societies. He has written several Bible studies; Genesis 1-11, Jacob (Genesis 25-49), and Joseph & Judah. Professor Vander Hart has also ministered to the international Reformed community, teaching within Southeast Asian populations in the United States as well as teaching in Cyprus, Ukraine, Myanmar, Latvia, and India. He is involved with Reformed Faith and Life (Armenian and French) and with the Christ for Myanmar Mission Committee.

Professor Vander Hart has contributed articles for the Mid-America Journal of Theology, The Outlook, Christian Renewal, and Biblical Horizons. He is a member of the Society for Biblical Literature, the Evangelical Theological Society, the Calvin Studies Society, and the National Association of Professors of Hebrew.

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  • Old Testament Studies Courses:
    • OT 113: Basic Hebrew
    • OT 122: Advanced Hebrew
    • OT 132: Old Testament Canon and Interpretation
    • 0T 134: Old Testament History: Pre-Monarchy Period
    • OT 233: Old Testament History: Monarchy Period
    • OT 313: Old Testament History: Post-Exilic Period
    • PP 211: Old Testament Sermon
  • Electives:
    • The Messianic Message of the Old Testament
    • Readings in Old Testament Hebrew
    • Old Testament Apocalyptic Literature
    • Readings in New Testament Greek