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Not sure how to prepare for Seminary? Click on the link above to read some basic outlines on how you can prepare yourself for Seminary.  

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Preparation for Seminary
Not sure what you need to do to get ready for seminary? Here's a list of things to help you prepare for this important step in your life.

Prospective Student Recommended Reading List
The faculty at Mid-America has prepared a list of books that they recommend for prospective students to read. This list gives a selection of books the professors suggest that students who are preparing for seminary should read.

Book List
The faculty at Mid-America has prepared a list of books that they recommend for students to read. This list includes many of the books students will read while in seminary at Mid-America.

Visit Mid-America
The best way to get to know Mid-America is to visit the campus. Set up a visit to see what life at the seminary is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer Student Information

Financial Aid
Mid-America does its best to make seminary affordable for all students. Look at a list of some scholarships available for students.

Tuition and Fees

How to Apply

Academic Catalog
For even more information, look at a pdf of the 2010-2012 Academic Catalog.

Request Information

Called to Preach
Wondering if seminary is right for you? Read this booklet by Dr. John R. Sittema about discerning your call to preach.