A Spring Evening Class on Christian Ethics

Join us as Dr. J. Mark Beach leads us in a 4-part evening class, "Some Ethical Questions Christians Face Today," at Mid-America Reformed Seminary's campus on April 1, 8, 15, and 22 at 7:30 pm (CST). 

This class will aim, first, to lay out foundational issues for approaching Christian ethics, including principles of moral reasoning (that is, how we decide and sort out difficult moral questions). In the three weekly classes to follow, Dr. Beach hopes to take up topics surrounding human sexuality, Christian engagement in society, and questions about truth and deception.

April 1: Basics in Ethical Decision Making
Foundational issues treat basic questions about love and justice, along with law and virtue. Can a moral life be characterized as mere conformity to the law? What about virtue and motivation as they pertain to moral behavior and what is morally good? Then, too, God’s law, in its three uses, likewise needs to be understood if we are to avoid legalism on the one hand and licentiousness on the other.

April 8: Sexual Integrity in an Age of Sexual Disintegration 
On the topic of human sexuality, we live in a culture that has changed radically from the 1950s. The sixties sexual revolution, coupled with many other changes in society, have worked to place Christians in an increasingly uncomfortable position in defending traditional biblical commitments to human sexuality. Some of these issues will be surveyed, even as we face as well the difficult task of trying to minister the gospel to persons who count the Christian position as archaic and backwards.

April 15: Christians in the Public Square - Models of Engaging an UnChristian Culture
There is a growing awkwardness (or concern) about how Christians should engage society and be part of public discourse. Here Dr. Beach hopes to lay out some major paradigms presented for Christians to follow, and explains why, given our current cultural climate, we need to be circumspect in how we proceed to do this.

April 22: Living Truthfully in a Truth-twisting World
As the last topic, Dr. Beach explores truth-telling, and particularly what it might mean to protect neighbors from those who would use truth to do them harm. When is withholding the truth, even the use of deceit, a necessity in this sinful world? These weighty questions are all quite up-to-date as Christians seek to love God and their neighbors in the world today.

The cost of these lectures is free! On-campus registration can be found here. Click here for live-stream registration.