2020 Fall Lectures With Dr. Hans Madueme

Dr. Hans Madueme, Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA, will be giving this year's Fall Lectures, titled "Biblical Realism: A Theological Proposal for Science and Theology." The lectures will be held on October 28-29 of this year. 

According to his bio, Dr. Madueme, since arriving at Covenant in 2012, received a two-year grant from Oxford University and a Henry Center fellowship to pursue further research in science and theology. He is currently writing a monograph that explores Christian hamartiology (the doctrine of sin) and its relationship to natural science. One of his long-term goals is to mobilize first-rate scholars from the Reformed tradition to make substantive contributions to the broader science-theology dialogue—both at scholarly and more popular levels.

In the lecture series he will be bringing to the Mid-America community, Dr. Madueme will ponder the long and contentious relationship between science and theology, with a focus on biblical authority. He will offer a set of theological reflections on the problem of conflict between scientific theories and Christian doctrine. In Lecture #1, he will review the history of these questions, going back to Galileo and the University of Paris Condemnations of 1277. In Lecture #2, he will defend what he calls dogmatic inerrancy against common strategies among recent evangelicals in the science-theology dialogue. In Lecture #3, he will discuss further priorities toward a biblical realism that will serve Christians well as we negotiate the interaction between science and theology

The schedule for Dr. Madueme's lectures will be as follows: 

October 28 @ 1:30 pm: 
Natural Science and Biblical Authority

October 29 @ 8:30 am: 
Dogmatic Inerrancy: A Defense

October 29 @ 10:30 am: 
Notes toward a Biblical Realism 

These lectures will be free of charge. Due to social distancing protocols in place on Mid-America's campus, on-campus attendance will be limited to the student body, staff, and faculty. For those who wish to  view the lectures through our online capture portal, please click here to register.