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Canadian Donors

Mid-America Reformed Seminary has a long history of helping Canadian churches prepare students for the pastoral ministry. Significant numbers of Mid-America graduates are serving, or have served churches throughout Canada.


The Mid-America Reformed Seminary Foundation (MARSF) is a non-profit corporation (distinct from Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana) registered under the federal laws of Canada and located in St. Catharines, Ontario. The Board of Trustees of MARSF in Canada represent the financial interests of Canadian donors. The seminary works on behalf of MARSF in Canada, and the foundation board receives regular reports from the seminary to assure the foundation that Canadian donations are being used for the benefit of Canadian constituents.

In addition to the MARSF in Canada, Canadians serve on the Board of Trustees of Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana. Some of these board members serve both Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana and MARSF in Canada.

Donations from Canada

Donations to Mid-America Reformed Seminary from Canadian donors should be sent to:

Mid-America Reformed Seminary Foundation
PO Box 10612
Stoney Creek Stn Winona
Winona ON L8E 5R1