The Center for Missions and Evangelism

Our purpose is to prepare our students and to equip pastors to plant and perpetuate Reformed, ordinary means of grace centered churches to carry out the Great Commission Christ has given to the church.

Welcome to the CME

The Director of the Center for Missions and Evangelism, Dr. Eric Watkins, introduces you to the program and its various components: Classes, Conferences, Cohorts, and Internships.

The Center for Missions and Evangelism is a new initiative at Mid-America Reformed seminary designed to enhance the current M.Div. program with a greater missional emphasis where appropriate, as well as developing a new set of classes, conferences, cohorts, and internships focused on areas of evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and foreign missions. It is our hope and prayer that in doing so, we may help the church raise up the next generation of faithful church leaders to serve faithful churches as well as help plant new ones at home and abroad.

Our Identity Statements

Mission Statement:
Jesus gave to his church a Great Commission. Until the end of the age, the church is to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth, making disciples, baptizing and teaching them the word of the Living God.

Vision Statement: 
The Center for Missions and Evangelism embodies the Seminary’s vision for assisting the church in carrying out the Great Commission through theological education that focuses on perpetuating faithfully reformed, confessional churches, church plants, and foreign mission fields.

Our Core Values

  1. Mid-America Reformed Seminary is a self-consciously Reformed and confessional school that serves the church through training pastors for faithful, ordinary means of grace ministries at home and abroad.

  2. Our primary purpose is to serve the church of our Lord Jesus Christ by providing our students with the kind of training, learning, and equipping that students need to be ministers of the gospel—the good news of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.



Our Program Goals & Objectives

To glorify and enjoy God in Jesus Christ as we:

  • Cultivate a genuine love for the Triune God and his church

  • Help raise up the next generation of faithful pastors, evangelists and teachers with a high commitment to Reformed confessions and catechisms and a missional mindset

  • Equip and train men with the particular gifts and calling to plant evangelistically engaged churches

  • Offer classes and lectures taught by proven church planters, missionaries, and lay workers with extensive experience in missions, evangelism, and related practical areas in tandem with the current M.Div. program that focus primarily on the mission of the church.

  • Offer continuing education courses, conferences, and lectures for pastors and missionaries on relevant subjects.

  • Offer classes to this end taught by proven church planters, missionaries, and lay workers with extensive experience in missions, evangelism, and related practical areas.

  • Cultivate a greater awareness of evangelistic opportunities at home and abroad and assist students with internship placement.

  • Assist churches and sending agencies in finding suitable candidates for outreach ministry and/or church planting.

  • Assist established churches in cultivating more outward facing cultures of evangelism while maintaining strong covenantal identities.

  • Encourage lay members of local congregations as they seek to serve Christ faithfully.

  • Establish cohorts in various locations, focusing on missional subjects and providing valuable resources to churches on subjects related to evangelism, outreach, and discipleship, as well as church planting and missions.

Our Partnership With You

The involvement of the local church is essential to the CME program at Mid-America Reformed Seminary. While the primary goal of the Center is to help students develop their gifts and abilities for effective ministry, a secondary goal is to aid the Church in growing missionally within their respective contexts. The CME seeks to both serve and cooperate with the local Church in reaching the world for the sake of Christ. The benefit of the CME is thus twofold: first, to help those within the Reformed world who undervalue the need to reach a lost world to realize the importance of missions as part of being a faithful Reformed church, and second, to help those with a great emphasis on missions to realize they can carry out this calling best with a wholehearted commitment to Reformed doctrine and worship.


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