Alumni Scholarships

During these hopeful days of expansion at Mid-America, consider, as an alumnus, giving a gift to our Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Dear fellow graduates of Mid-America Reformed Seminary,

Greetings from the Alumni Executive Council!

We hope and pray this letter finds you well as you proclaim the Gospel of Christ our Lord. We thank God for your overwhelming generosity and would like to ask for your continued financial support of students aspiring to the ministry. Beginning in 2014, your grace-filled giving has made possible the following two important and helpful scholarships:

Mid-America Alumni Entrance Scholarship
The Mid-America Alumni Entrance Scholarship is awarded each year to an incoming full-time junior student who demonstrates, in word and deed, an aptitude for pastoral ministry. Financial need is a secondary consideration for this scholarship.
Last year $900.00 was awarded.

Mid-America Alumni Association Scholarship for Pastoral Ministry
The Mid-America Alumni Association Scholarship for Pastoral Ministry is available to full-time second and third-year students based upon the student's involvement in ministry-related labors over the previous few years, his demonstration of academic aptitude, and pulpit skills as judged by a committee of alumni.
Last year $1,800.00 was awarded.

The current balance of the scholarship fund is $936.28.

As the battle between the church militant and the devil's dominion rages on, arming recruits for faithful service remains the pressing need of the hour. Thank God that many men are answering the call of their Captain to set prisoners free! However, obeying the command of our Lord comes at a great financial sacrifice, as you know so well. We appeal to you as fellow recipients of God's abounding grace to abound still more in the investment of training soldiers of the cross. During these hopeful days of expansion at MARS, let us expand our giving in a way that is worthy of Christ's glory and our destiny.

A gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please designate your gift to the "Alumni Scholarship Fund." USD Gifts can be made online with a credit card to Mid-America. CAD gifts can be mailed in, by check, to Mid-America Reformed Seminary Foundation, PO Box 10612, Stoney Creek Stn, Winona ON L8E 5R1. On the memo line, list "Alumni Scholarship" so it can be deposited correctly.

We thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration. We also ask that you pray regularly for the professors, staff, and students at the seminary. May the God of peace bless you, your family, and your ministry for your joy and His glory!

Warmly in Christ our Lord, the Alumni Executive Council,

Pete Van't Hoff, President (2016)
Carl Gobelman, Secretary (2020)
Caleb Smith (2013)
Joshua Flinn (2016)
Kevin Hossink (1998)
Bryce De Zwarte (2019)