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Students and alumni of Mid-America Reformed Seminary consistently rate their relationships with the professors as one of the Seminary's greatest benefits. Each faculty member has the scholarship expertise and pastoral experience that provide a comprehensive and integrated theological education. Additionally, the professors at Mid-America take a personal interest in each student and consistently maintain a mentoring perspective. The professors strive for the formation of each student as a child of God equipped to serve the Lord in the life of Christ's church.

Dr. J. Mark Beach
Professor of Ministerial and Doctrinal Studies |  Faculty Secretary

Rev. R. Andrew Compton
Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies | Director of the Master of Theological Studies Program

Dr. Marcus A. Mininger
Associate Professor in New Testament Studies | Director of Institutional Assessment

Dr. Alan D. Strange
Professor of Church History |  Registrar |  Theological Librarian

Rev. Mark D. Vander Hart
Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies |  Ministerial Apprenticeship Program Director

Dr. Cornelis P. Venema
Professor of Doctrinal Studies |  President

Adjunct Faculty

The Rev. Brian Allred 
Ministerial Studies

The Rev. Valentin Alpuche

Mr. Jared Brown
Greek Language Studies

Dr. Camden Bucey
Doctrinal Studies

The Rev. Greg Bylsma
Ministerial Studies

The Rev. Glen Clary 
Ministerial Studies

Dr. Richard Gaffin
New Testament Studies

The Rev. Daniel Hyde
Ministerial Studies

The Rev. Paul Murphy 
Pastoral Studies

The Rev. Danny Patterson
Ministerial Studies 

Dr. Peter J. Wallace
Church History

Dr. Eric Watkins 
Ministerial Studies

The Rev. Larry Wilson 
Ministerial Studies