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The Director of Enrollment Management (DEM) is responsible for student recruitment and retention. The DEM will handle all student recruitment responsibilities, including generating leads, organizing campus visits, representing the Seminary at various events, and administrative duties related to the position. May 14
Dr. Venema enlightens us on what is, undoubtedly, the most controversial of the five points of doctrine affirmed by the Synod of Dort: definite atonement. Dec 14 2018
This year of our Lord, 2018, marks the four hundredth anniversary of the convening of the Synod of Dort in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Dr. Venema helps us explore this Synod and its significance in Reformed theology. Nov 12 2018
In this and subsequent articles in "The Messenger," Dr. Venema will consider the five main points of doctrine that the Synod of Dort adopted in their response to the Arminian view of election. In the First Main Point of Doctrine, the Synod set forth the Scriptural teaching of “unconditional election.” Oct 15 2018
Prior to the meeting of the Board, the Faculty passed a motion at its regular meeting in April that “in view of impending retirements and current need, the Board approves commencing a formal search for a faculty member in the position of ministerial studies.” Jun 20 2018
Every spring at Mid-America Reformed Seminary, a specific group of students is immersed in a different set of tasks apart from the M.Div program. Enter: the Capstone Projects. Feb 22 2018
Rev. Jeff DeBoer helps us consider the following information which seeks to answer the question: "Am I called to pastoral ministry. How do I know?" Plus, watch three testimonials from three of our students as they reflected upon this call on their lives. Jan 26 2018
A Spanish edition of our December issue of The Messenger is now available for those in our Spanish speaking community! Dec 21 2017
What advantages does a small seminary classroom classroom have to offer? Continue watching to learn more about the experience students have in Mid-America's classrooms. Oct 23 2017
Dr. Venema's "President's Message" for the August 2017 edition of "The Messenger" Aug 1 2017

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