Cost &
Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

The generous support of churches and individuals keeps the cost of attending Mid-America relatively low compared to other theological institutions. In addition, financial aid, scholarship, and on-campus employment are available for students to help cover their expenses.

Current student cost 

Tuition (per credit hour) $290.00
Application Fee $40.00
Graduation Fee $60.00
Annual Activity Fee $100.00
Regular $100.00
Alumni $30.00
Student's spouse $15.00

All Amounts in U.S. Funds

9 month estimated cost

Tuition and Fees $8,600 $8,600
Books $750 $750
Housing $9,000 $7,250
Utilities $2,500 $1,500
Food $3,000 $1,500
Transportation $1,000 $1,000
Medical Expenses and Health Insurance $4,500 $1,000
Miscellaneous $2,000 $1,000
TOTAL $31,500 $22,600

All Amounts in U.S. Funds

Payment Options

Tuition is due at registration. Students expecting to receive financial assistance from any external source should make arrangements in advance to have the minimum payment in time for registration. If the source cannot meet the financial requirements by registration, then the financial requirements become the student’s responsibility.

Deferred payment is allowed, but students must pay a minimum of 25% of tuition at registration. A finance charge of 0.5% per month(6% APR, accrued monthly) will be charged on the balance of all unpaid accounts.

All charges are due according to the following schedule:

Fall Semester: Last day of class
Interim: First day of class
Spring Semester: Last day of class
Summer Greek: First day of class

The Seminary will withhold diplomas, transcripts, and grade reports until accounts are paid in full. Students will not be able to register for their next term until accounts are paid in full or arrangements are made.

The estimated total cost of educational and living expenses for nine months ranges from $15,000 for single students to $28,000 for married students.

Financial Aid

Mid-America recognizes the financial pressures of full-time seminary study and does all it can to make such study as affordable as possible. Tuition covers only a small portion of Mid-America’s cost of operation. The largest portion is covered by the sacrificial giving of many of God’s people. Thus, all students receive a significant amount of financial aid in the form of tuition that is lower than the actual cost of their education. Therefore, we expect students to do some of their own work in raising funds from churches, family, and other outside sources. We also expect students to utilize their own savings and investments. When possible, student spouses should seek employment.

Raising Funds

Raising funds from family, friends, and other outside sources is important as you go through seminary. The sooner you begin to communicate with family and friends and apply for outside scholarships, the better your chances of receiving assistance. Below is a list of potential outside scholarships. The Seminary also encourages writing support letters to family, friends, those you have ministered to, etc.