There are many different sources of funds available to Mid-America students.

Annual fund

Mid-America’s Annual Fund covers the annual operating costs of the seminary. This fund, also known as the General Fund, is foundational to the seminary’s operations. This fund provides for most of the operational costs associated with the day-to-day operation of the seminary. This includes employee compensation, utilities, maintenance, equipment, the library, etc. It is the conviction of Mid-America’s Board of Trustees that cost should not prohibit students from pursuing God’s call to the gospel ministry. This conviction and the confidence that God will raise up generous folks who love the church and the preaching of the Word make it possible for Mid-America to offer a high-quality yet affordable seminary education.

We are grateful for the significant financial support we receive from churches and individuals everywhere. Without the generous support of God’s people, Mid-America would be unable to carry out its mission of preparing students for the pastoral ministry.


Student Aid Fund

Mid-America Reformed Seminary provides financial aid to its American and Canadian students through the Student Aid Fund. The Student Aid Fund has been endowed over many years by the faithful giving of people devoted to seeing students prepared for gospel ministry. The Student Aid Fund is intended to “bridge the gap” between what the church and the student are able to provide, and the cost of seminary education.

International Student Aid Fund

The Mid-America International Student Aid Fund supports the training of international students for the gospel ministry. We believe international students provide a unique opportunity for us to impact the church throughout the world. International students who are trained at Mid-America are expected to return to their homeland to minister the good news of the gospel.

Faculty Endowment

For most institutions of higher learning, an endowment is foundational to their long-term financial well-being. Most endowments are comprised of donations that have been given for a specific cause and are carefully preserved and managed to benefit the mission of the nonprofit in future generations. Endowment income provides a stable, ongoing source of revenue for scholarships, faculty, and other important needs of the institution.

An endowment was established early in the life of Mid-America when it created the Student Aid Fund. While not called an endowment, the Student Aid Fund generates investment income that provides financial aid to students studying at Mid-America. The fund principal is protected to generate student aid income for many years to come.

Mid-America’s Board of Trustees established a faculty endowment to generate income so the seminary can develop its faculty without putting additional strain on the annual operating budget. A faculty endowment will allow Mid-America to deliver greater instructional value, build reliable long-term support for the faculty, and provide greater confidence in long-range institutional planning. Like a well-balanced retirement investment portfolio, a well-managed endowment will help Mid- America secure the future well-being of its educational mission of preparing men for the ministry of God’s Word.