Master of Divinity

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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program prepares you for ordained gospel ministry as a pastor, chaplain, missionary, and evangelist. The health of the church and society depend on the faithful ministry of the Word of God. The Master of Divinity will train you to effectively serve the church as a knowledgeable pastor with a servant heart. Because the Seminary Board and faculty believe that Scripture limits the role of official teaching and leadership in the church to qualified men, only men are admitted to the Master of Divinity program. Women are encouraged to enroll in the Master of Theological Studies program.

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  • 103 Classroom credits

  • 10 Ministerial Apprenticeship Program credits

  • 3-4 Average number of years to complete

Requirements for admission

To qualify for admission to the Master of Divinity program you must be a dedicated Christian who has earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, with a grade point average of 2.67 (B-) or higher. If you fall below this average you may be admitted, but the Registrar will review your seminary academic work on a regular basis. If you are without a bachelor’s degree, you are evaluated on an individual basis.


Exceptions for Admission

Mid-America recognizes that increasing numbers of students are seeking Master of Divinity degrees after some time in the work force. These students may not have followed a traditional pre-seminary track of college education and may need special instruction to meet prerequisite requirements. The Seminary works closely with these students to meet their needs.

A limited number of students who have not earned the B.A. degree, but whose life experience suggests that they would be suitable M.Div. students, may apply for the M.Div program. The following “core” prerequisites are strongly recommended for such non-B.A. degree students: two college-level English courses, one of which must include grammar and composition; two college-level history courses, one of which must include classical history; two college-level courses, one of which must provide a survey of ancient philosophy; and four college-level biblical or Koine Greek courses.

For further information, consult the catalog.

Course Sequence

We seek to give students the tools for a lifetime of ministry. Our curriculum stresses two governing ideas. First, there is a repeated combination of study and application that teaches students how to translate the theology they learn into preaching and teaching constructed with solid content and sound method. Second, there is a strong emphasis on the classical disciplines of original language study, biblical interpretation, doctrinal and practical studies, and the history of the church with application that is relevant in the 21st century.

A Master of Divinity requires 103 course hours and typically takes 3-4 years to complete. You will also earn 10 Ministerial Apprenticeship Program credits.

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