Ministerial Apprenticeship Program


Don't just learn it. Do it.


Capitalize on the personal and educational benefits of a tutorial relationship between an experienced minister and a student.

Ministerial Apprenticeship Program

The Ministerial Apprenticeship Program (MAP) gives Master of Divinity students a guided opportunity to practice theories and ideas learned in the classroom. As you aim for pastoral ministry, the student must learn much more than academic material to be an effective minister of the Word. This program capitalizes on the personal and educational benefits of a tutorial relationship between an experienced minister and a student.

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    exhorting assignments

Components of MAP

Components of MAP includes regular contact with the pastor, consistory/session, and congregation by the student during the first year of study in order to gain a broad acquaintance with the life and activities of the congregation.

Involvement in the following areas of the work of the church:

  • Teaching a church school (e.g. catechism) class, or leading a society or Bible study 
  • Attending a specific number of meetings of consistory/session, diaconate, and classis/presbytery 
  • Making direct contact with the evangelism program of the congregation 
  • Calling on the sick, shut-ins, and others needing pastoral care 
  • Exhorting in the worship services of the congregation and area congregations 
  • Completing at least two summers of service in a congregation, either as a student assistant to a pastor or in a vacant church

If possible and desired, some of the above and additional requirements may also be met by a pastoral internship of no less than 10 months.

In all cases of work, your supervising pastor, consistory/session, and yourself will provide periodic, detailed evaluation. In sum, MAP, the field education component of the M.Div. program, is concerned with the spiritual, personal, theological, and ministerial development of students in the areas of worship leadership, church education, pastoral care, and church government and administration.

A Case for the Ministerial Apprenticeship Program

Senior student Cristian Garcia and Pastor of Lynwood United Reformed Church, Nick Alons, describe the dynamic relationship of a student and mentor in the Ministerial Apprenticeship Program.