Seminary Life

Mid-America Reformed Seminary seeks to glorify God in every aspect of its community life.

Unified in a Common Purpose

Mid-America enjoys a diverse student body with a wide variety of life experiences. In this diversity, students are united in the common purpose of serving Christ.

The Seminary ministers to your unique situation and enfolds you and your family into the community of believers through:

  • Regularly scheduled times for worship and edification.

  • Holding students accountable for their Christian life and walk.

  • Special opportunities for students’ spouses to get to know each other in the Seminary community.


Students are encouraged to develop fellowship and community through:

Morning Chapel

Since worship is a primary obligation as well as a great joy, morning chapel services are a priority. Chapel sessions include prayer, praise, and meditation on God’s Word.

Chapel Details

Faculty and students lead chapel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while area pastors or visiting speakers are invited to lead chapel on Fridays. On Thursdays, students meet in small groups with their faculty advisors for prayer. 

Special Lecturers

In the annual Fall Lecture Series, distinguished scholars share insights from their areas of expertise relating to current theological issues. The Seminary community seeks to be informed regarding contemporary issues. These popular lectures are well received and well attended by the public as well as the Seminary community.

Standards of Conduct

A student within Mid-America’s community should exhibit traits of character that testify to his qualifications for the ministry. He should demonstrate servant leadership, wisdom, religious commitment, doctrinal reliability, and a willingness to serve without regard for personal gain. He should also be honest and self-disciplined, with evident emotional health that is expressed in his affirming and loving attitude toward others.